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UK Office

US Office

Reltex Relief Supplies Ltd

Canvas Works

Cox Lane


Surrey  KT9 1SG

United Kingdom


Tel:  +44 (0) 20 8397 4373



Established in 1999, Reltex Relief Supplies Ltd acts as the administrative and procurement centre processing all orders, invoices and payments.  The UK office receives orders, allocates to the most appopriate factory, organsises shipping and acts as a central point of contact for the customer.


Reltex Relief Supplies Inc

526 Arbor Lane


Ohio 44321

United States


Tel: +1-330-477-8130


Reltex Relief Supplies, Inc. is the North American extension of Reltex Relief Supplies Ltd,  which ensures the international relief community 24 hour a day access to its worldwide network of material resources.


While its product list is the same as its affiliates, Reltex Relief Supplies, Inc. has also been called upon as a consultant to many ancillary international development projects primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa with emphasis on material sourcing and complex logistical operations.


Reltex Relief Supplies Inc has acheived an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.


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