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In times of crisis, Reltex has helped millions of people.

FEMA Spec'd Blue Tarps, Warehoused on the U.S. East Coast, 

ready for immediate delivery

  • Trusted by the World's leading organisations

  • Emergency stock for immediate deployment

  • Premium products

  • Rapid response delivery


Reltex is a leading manufacturer of plastic sheeting, tarpaulins and buckets especially designed for the relief aid and emergency sector. Plastic sheeting is one of the most widely distributed non-food relief items used in humanitarian operations and can act as a temporary building material for families whose homes have been damaged as a result of disasters. Each year, hundreds of thousands of polyethylene sheets manufactured by Reltex are distributed by NGOs and government agencies.


Since the mid 1990's, Reltex has been a leading supplier of relief materials to the humanitarian sector. Using first class plastics technologies, the company has been a long-term provider of shelter and relief assistance to refugees all over the World.



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